Born on February 20th 1945, in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

Attracted to art world after studying with his father, a fabric-dyeing artist. Became interested in the beginning of color's culture and started to research the transparent and bright colors that originated in nature. Transparent, bright, and vibrant colors emerge as the "Viva La Vida" off the four seasons dyed in cloth.

Like traditional melodies, Japan's ancient pure color culture has remained hidden and has brilliantly returned from the former dynasties of Japan.

His collections have been released not only in Japan but also in New York, Shanghai, Indonesia, Cannes, Nice, Sydney, Singapore, and Vienna. He has received numerous awards.
He has helped disseminate Japanese culture throughout the world. His creations were added to a collection of Metropolitan Museum in New York, and "Jyunihitoe", another of his creations, was on permanent exhibition at the World Trade Center, New York before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Currently, he is planning and coordinating industrial development or making new business.

1990 Exhibited as part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Collection at the New York World Trade Center was exhibited.
Jyunihitoe, a 12-layered ceremonial kimono that was part of the collections, was donated to the World Trade Center museum.
1991 New collection shown at the Otsuki Noh theater in Osaka.
1992 Made a collaborative presentation at the "Versailles Festival" in France.
Appeared in the drama "Naniwa-saijiki" at the Osaka Symphony Hall.
1993 Fashion show, "Bridge between Japan and China" produced in Shanghai.
Collaborative presentation was made at the Europe Fashion Designer Exhibition in Nice France.
Collection released in the Debussy Theater in Cannes.
Received honorary award from Cannes in France.
Collection released in Singapore.
Regularly appeared on a TV Osaka.Toshio Goma acted as the regular host for a talk show.
New collection released at the Grand Shrine of Sumiyoshi Osaka.
1994 Fashion show produced at the Sydney Opera House. Received Sydney's Citizen Award in Australia.
Fashion show of high school uniforms in Osaka.
1995 New collection released at Swissotel Nankai Osaka Hotel.
1996 New collection released at the World Fashion Trade Fair in Osaka.
Designed school uniforms.
Appeared on a Yomiuri TV program. This show combined a documentary on the Goma world and a TV shopping channel. Its impact was huge because its viewers could finally buy the Goma brand, which was rarely available through TV.
1997 Spring and summer collection of Goma 98 was released.Naomi Kawashima, a famous Japanese actress, modeled the collection. This was her first time to model.
The collection was displayed at the industrial expo at the request of Wakayama prefecture.
1998 Became design instructor at the Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama prefecture.
Goma collection '99 was released in Tokyo.Makiko Uchidate, a famous Japanese novelist, appeared as a model. This was her first time to model.
1999 Become corporate adviser of association of lacquer ware, Japanese sundry goods, and leather in Wakayama prefecture.
A formal announcement of the Goma brand was made.
Worked with the industrial expo of the Wakayama brand in Wakayama prefecture.
2000 His one-man show and exhibition was released in many parts of the nation.The "Goma" brand was emphasized instead of "Toshio Goma". The culture of color and brightness spread over the entire country.
Fashion show was held in San Francisco.
2001 The autumn and winter collection of GOMA 01 was released and a talk show was held in Tokyo.Discussed women's fashions with Rumiko Koyanagi, a famous Japanese singer.
2002 New collection/lecture/one-man show released in many parts of Japan.An article about the Goma world, published in a weekly Japanese women's magazine, initiated the color fusion of modern times and the Heian period.
The spring and summer collection of GOMA '02 was released and a talk show was held in Tokyo.Talked with Ayako Sawada, a famous Japanese actress, about female colors and life.
2003 A new collection/lecture/one-man show was released in many parts of the nation.Offers poured in from TV and radio because Goma is an entertaining guest with a colorful philosophy.
2004 New collection /lecture/one- man show was released in many parts of the nation.
An event was hosted by the Japanese consular office in San Francisco.The first fashion show was also hosted by the consular office.
2005 Released collection at Tokyo-Royal Park Hotel.This fashion and dinner show was called the "Galaxy of Fashion Fusion 2005 by Goma." Kimonos, jewelry, clothing, and bags were displayed and praised by sponsors and business partners.
Activity was based on the concept of the "Color of Peace.".
2006 Co-hosted a fashion show and a ball with a Japanese TV company.This event combined a Goma fashion show and ballroom dance. Guests danced and drank and enjoyed music, lights, and colors.
2007 Built a factory in Bali, Indonesia.
2009 Appeared on the Jupiter Shopping Channel in Wakayama to aid local revitalization.Appeared live on a national television program of the Jupiter Shopping Channel and Goma in conjunction with Kumano-Nachi Shrine.
2010 First Japanese media-mixed with satellite broadcasting, cable TV and ground wave TV.The show on the Jupiter TV Shopping Channel was produced by Goma and broadcast nationwide by ground wave, BS, and CS by the Kumamoto-kenmin TV company due to the digitalization of Japanese TV lines.
2011 「日本を見つけよう」 長崎県 グラバー邸にて全国生中継
「日本を見つけよう」 京都府 上賀茂神社にて全国生中継
2012 5月に「日本を見つけよう」 鹿児島県磯公園より全国生中継予定